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Meet: Ricky Williams

Meet: Ricky Williams

Ricky Williams joined the On Time Logistics team in July of 2016 as a delivery driver. He primarily serves as a last-mile delivery driver for our routes to the River Valley for Amazon and also for Burlington's Coat Factory.

As a last-mile delivery driver, one of the many services offered by On Time Logistics, Ricky helps companies’ deliveries in the final leg of their shipping journey. With the rise of e-commerce, quality last-mile logistics are in high demand and we’ve doubled our workforce in the last year for the most part to meet this kind of need. We partner with a growing number of national retailers including Amazon and for this service in the Northwest Arkansas area.

For Ricky, one of the best parts of his job is the chance to meet new people on his regular routes. He also appreciates the flexible hours that allows him to spend time with his wife, children and grandchildren, and to continue his work as a pastor, which he’s done for 27 years. Ricky has also worked as a dairy farmer but he sold his farm to become a pastor. In his free time, Ricky likes to go camping and ride 4-wheelers.

When asked to give some insight into who he is, Ricky said that he is a “believer that we should enjoy life!”

We certainly agree and are excited to have Ricky as a part of our On Time Logistics team.

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