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Local: 479-717-2206
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Hours of Operation Office: Monday – Friday 8:00 – 5:00
Dock: 8:00 – 4:30

Our People


Steve Jones - President/CEO

Tim Ward - Director of Sales/Marketing

Tim Ray - Director of Operations

Anne Whittaker - Lead Dispatch/Scheduling

Rick Parker - Warehouse Lead

Heath Woods - Truck Driver

Mary Boushelle - Administrative Assistant

Levi Baker - Dispatcher

Mike Borgerding - Truck Driver

Larry-Simmons - Truck Driver

Joel Guerrero - Warehouseman

Bennie Cash - Residential Scheduler

Billy Smith - Truck Driver

Steven Gadberry - Truck Driver

Dave Pointer - Truck Driver

Brent Davis - Truck Driver

Jeremy Moore - Truck Driver

Christian Vejnar - Truck Driver

Jason Cross - Truck Driver

Carlos Troncosco - Truck Driver

Steven Hampton - Truck Driver

Independent Contractors

Graydon Morrow

David Gifford

Linda Gifford

Sam Forrester

Barbara Davis

Walt Tylicki

Joe Lammey

Jay Sanderson

Stanley Boyd

Paul West

Levertis Clark

Francisco Perez

Eduardo Soto

Rogelis Soto

Saolomon Gonzalez

Rick Logue

Little Rock Team

Melinda Smith - Administration and Scheduling

Tim Swindler - Operations Manager

Aquarius Waits - Truck Driver

Alvin Hancock - Truck Driver

Johnathan McKay - Warehouseman

Cindy Coy - Administration

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