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Local: 479-717-2206
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Hours of Operation Office: Monday – Friday 8:00 – 5:00
Dock: 8:00 – 4:30

Our People


Steve Jones - President/CEO

Tim Ward - Director of Sales & Marketing

Tim Ray - Director of Operations

Anne Whittaker - Lead Dispatch/Scheduling

Rick Parker - Warehouse Lead

Heath Woods - Truck Driver

Mary Boushelle - Administrative Assistant

Levi Baker - Dispatcher

Mike Borgerding - Truck Driver

Larry-Simmons - Truck Driver

Joel Guerrero - Warehouseman

Bennie Cash - Residential Scheduler

Billy Smith - Truck Driver

Steven Gadberry - Truck Driver

Dave Pointer - Truck Driver

Brent Davis - Truck Driver

Jeremy Moore - Truck Driver

Christian Vejnar - Truck Driver

Jason Cross - Truck Driver

Steven Hampton - Truck Driver

Francisco Perez - Truck Driver

Eduardo Soto - Truck Driver

Rogelis Soto - Truck Driver

Amanda Heath - Administration

Independent Contractors

David Gifford

Linda Gifford

Walt Tylicki

Sam Forrester

Barbara Davis

Joe Lammey

Jay Sanderson

Stanley Boyd

Paul West

Levertis Clark

Rick Logue

Little Rock Team

Tim Swindler - Operations Manager

Cindy Coy - Administration

Aquarius Waits - Truck Driver

Alvin Hancock - Truck Driver

John McKay - Warehouseman

Devin Yount - Truck Driver

Cynthia Laster - Independent Contractor

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