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Do you know how to share the road with bicyclists?

Our couriers are on the road every day and they share the roads and highways with other vehicles of all sizes, motorcycles and bicycles. We have experience with sharing the road with just about everyone! We’re also pretty interested in fitness around here. Our founder, Steve, is an avid bicyclist and several other members of […]

Meet: Chris Bowers

Chris Bowers is the Fleet Coordinator at On Time Logistics, which means he keeps track of not only our six trucks and delivery vans, but he monitors the availability of couriers who drive their personal vehicles to make deliveries. Chris started with us in February 2011 as a driver, making him uniquely qualified to best […]

Choosing a home delivery partner for your business

Do you have a business that offers home delivery of products? Many factors are driving the increase in demand for home delivery services including a rapid increase in e-commerce. The increase in the need for home delivery services leads to a natural increase in the number of businesses in the sector. When you choose a […]
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