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What is a Medical Courier?

One of the specialties we offer at On Time Logistics is a medical courier service. These couriers specialize in the time-sensitive delivery and transport of biological materials. Our medical couriers handle special documents, such as patient records charts and x-rays; test specimens, equipment and supplies, and home health equipment in our service delivery area covering […]

Meet: Sam Forester

Sam Forester Sam Forester is relatively new to On Time Logistics, where he is a contract courier. He started with us in February 2014 and on his first day he was already looking forward to working with a company he calls professional and friendly. Sam has more travel experience than most people we know! Before […]

Local Trade bolsters business community, local economy

A newspaper illustration depicting a man engaging in barter, paying his yearly newspaper subscription to the "Podunk Weekly Bugle" with various farm produce. Barter and trade has been a common economic practice for centuries and remains a viable method of commerce. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Owning and running a small business takes a diverse array of […]
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