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Meet: Misty Graue

  Misty Graue joined the On Time Logistics team in January and she now serves as a dispatcher. A unique part of her story is that she was recruited to our team by her parents, who are contract couriers at On Time Logistics. A nurse by training, Misty has a passion and a talent for […]

Safety matters when it comes to school buses

Some schools are already back in session and in coming weeks, all students in Tulsa, Northwest Arkansas and Little Rock will return to the classroom. This means that thousands of school buses will return to our roadways and as a courier and logistics company, we at On Time Logistics wanted to offer a few tips […]

Meet: Vic Woodruff

People who visit any of the Northwest Health System facilities in Northwest Arkansas may need some of their files, labs or other information transported to another facility. They don’t have to worry because couriers like Vic Woodruff from On Time Logistics are on the job. Vic has been with On Time Logistics for seven years […]
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