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Meet: Linda Gifford

Linda Gifford has spent much of her career working directly with the public and she excels at customer service. As a contract courier with On Time Logistics since May of 2013, Linda said what she enjoys about working with OTL is customer relations and the “responsibilities and opportunities it provides me. I work with a […]

Valentine’s is all about the “L word” (and this time we mean logistics) Sure, Valentine’s Day is about love. Love for our significant other, children and friends. But it’s also about another word: logistics. At On Time Logistics, we’re all about that second “L word.” Hey, after all, it’s in our name!  What’s great about logistics and Valentine’s Day are the companies that make deliveries, giving customers […]

Same-day service needs local community presence Some of the so-called “big dogs” of fulfillment companies like Amazon and Ebay have worked to provide same-day and even two-hour delivery services. According to various columns and news reports, the bigger companies are running into problems but these problems further drive home a point we at On Time Logistics see every day: to […]
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