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6 Tips for lifting safely Did you know that back injury due to improper lifting is one of the top reasons for missed work? Whether the incident happens at home or work, painful back strains can be prevented with a few simple lifting safety techniques. A few weeks ago, we blogged about how, as logistics providers, we have also […]

Meet: Graydon Morrow

Graydon Morrow has always called Northwest Arkansas home and now enjoys serving people in the region through his independent contract courier position with On Time Logistics. Graydon joined us in July 2006 and has been in charge of the Signature Bank route since that time. He graduated from Prairie Grove High School and attended the […]

Gas prices look good for summer; fluctuations affect logistics

Travel officials expect lower gas prices for U.S. consumers by this summer—that is, if refinery maintenance ends smoothly and if crude oil remains relatively cheap, according to a recent report from the AAA. This is a different story than what consumers have experienced in recent years as gas prices have soared to all-time highs. According […]
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