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What's coming with Northwest Arkansas highway construction?

  As a company that specializes in transportation and logistics, we have to keep aware of construction zones and other potential delays to our delivery routes. This allows On Time Logistics to stay true to its name by providing on-time delivery from professional couriers. We thought we’d take the opportunity to provide some information about […]

4 reasons a small business should offer delivery services through a professional courier

Small businesses such as bakeries could grow their business by adding delivery via a courier service. (Photo from flickr Kurman Communications) “Don” owns a bakery and knows he has increasing competition from both local establishments and the bakery departments at large grocery stores. His products are already amazing and he offers a delectable variety of […]

E-commerce continues to rise, OTL addressing truck driver shortage

In the final blog of 2015, we talked about the biggest stories of the year from our industry. Those stories included increased reshoring efforts, a drastic increase in warehousing needs, logistics security threats, the steady rise of e-commerce, and the driver shortage. We at On Time Logistics see that all these issues will continue growing, […]
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