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2016 brought major changes to the logistics industry

    As we prepare to usher in a new year, it’s only fitting to look at what happened in 2016. We witnessed many evolutions in the logistics and warehousing industry as well as the ripple effect those changes had on the rest of the world.   Here are some of the most noticeable industry […]

Partner spotlight:

More than 7 million products from more than 7,000 suppliers are available at your fingertips thanks to We’re proud to partner with Wayfair to provide last mile delivery service throughout Northwest Arkansas. Since June of this year, our drivers have delivered a large number of Wayfair products including furniture, home furnishings, and décor and […]

Could we be seeing a major shift in Black Friday weekend sales?

  Retail projections were smashed and records were made last weekend during the annual Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping weekend. The question becomes, does this major upswing signal a change in our traditional Black Friday shopping experience? Let’s examine the numbers, first. Each retail survey and analytics agency uses their own methodologies for gathering their numbers […]
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