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The value of having a well-managed, shortened supply chain

When most people think of the phrase “short supply chain,” it’s in reference to a food supply chain. It’s an increasingly accepted idea that the closer you are to where your food was grown or produced, the better quality it will be. This is the concept behind many “eat local” and farmers market programs. The […]

Client spotlight: Bentonville Public Library

  You may have noticed that we enjoy featuring our couriers, truck drivers, and office staff on the On Time Logistics blog. We decided to start featuring more of the OTL family by sharing about our partners and our clients (with their permission, of course). Today’s client spotlight is the Bentonville Public Library. Since 2015, […]

E-commerce affecting offline industries

As e-commerce grows, the industry is having a profound effect on multiple industries throughout the supply chain, including those you might not consider part of that process at first glance. In November 2015, we discussed how e-commerce is driving growth in the warehousing and some elements of the logistics industry. But what about other parts […]

Meet: Penny Borgerding

Penny is an important piece of the logistics puzzle at On Time Logistics. She joined the OTL family in August 2015 and is the administrative assistant who submits paperwork that was completed from deliveries and she helps with financial matters including bill payments, deposits, and reviewing invoice charges. “I am able to work on my […]

Meet: Wendy Corbin

  Wendy Corbin joined the On Time Logistics family at the beginning of 2016, and we’re grateful to have her working in dispatch and administrative support. Besides our couriers, our dispatchers are the ones who interact the most with our customers and so having the right person in that position is vital.

On Time Logistics honors couriers and staff with awards

At On Time Logistics, we always try to acknowledge the hard work of our staff and contract couriers. Once a year, however, we present several special awards. In January, we honored several OTL family members and we wanted to make sure you heard about it, too!   To see more pictures from our annual meeting, […]

Everyone must work together to make logistics secure

We often use the phrase “do what you do best and outsource the rest,” which works great when discussing outsourcing certain business operations. This statement isn’t true, however, when it comes to logistics security. Every entity who uses logistics (that means all of us) need to take ownership of making their piece of the logistics […]

What's coming with Northwest Arkansas highway construction?

  As a company that specializes in transportation and logistics, we have to keep aware of construction zones and other potential delays to our delivery routes. This allows On Time Logistics to stay true to its name by providing on-time delivery from professional couriers. We thought we’d take the opportunity to provide some information about […]
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