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Client spotlight: GP Harmon Recycling

Last month, we featured Fayetteville Public Library, which has been serving Fayetteville for over 100 years. This month we’re featuring GP Harmon Recycling, LLC. GP Harmon Recycling was created by Georgia-Pacific. It is a full-service recycling facility in Fayetteville, offering recycling equipment, from mini balers to roll-off style compactors, and on-site plant audits and recycling […]

Meet: Cynthia Laster

We at On Time Logistics love giving our people the spotlight for all their hard work. Without them, we would not be where we are today! Cynthia Laster has been working for On Time Logistics as a contract courier in Little Rock since September 2017. Cynthia has a regular route and enjoys “getting paid to […]

Reflections from Walmart Shareholders

At the beginning of this month, Walmart hosted their annual Shareholders event, complete with meetings, announcements and, of course, popular entertainment. While there were no major announcements made like last year, reports from local media were filled with discussion regarding company updates from recent months and what those mean for the company’s future. Two articles […]
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