Remove Asbestos Canada is a Toronto-based company which specializes in asbestos testing and mold removal. Armed with more than 25 years of experience, the company provides everyone with comprehensive and precise reports which make it safe for construction workers to get the job done.

How Dangerous is Asbestos?

While asbestos can be utilized as great material to create sturdy construction and fireproof materials, it has been found to present a serious threat to one’s health when its fiber becomes lax and unrestricted.

Generally, the most common way for asbestos to come into the body is through breathing. The moment asbestos is inhaled; its fibers will systematically stick in the mucous membrane of your throat, nose, and lungs.

Asbestos is, however, most dangerous when it is friable or can easily be pounded by hand. Among the three main diseases which are linked with asbestos exposure include asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer.

If asbestos is present in your home, it is most desirable to consider Remove Asbestos Canada for an asbestos testing. Toronto is our established ground of operations for more than two decades and we have delivered top-notch service to its residents to ensure safety on their respective buildings.

How to Determine Materials Which May Contain Asbestos?

Unless it is labeled, spotting asbestos on materials is a bit tricky. As a general rule of thumb, it is most appropriate to look for disintegrated stove-top pads, pipes, insulation, and vinyl flooring to be able to determine materials that may contain asbestos.

In addition, you can also look for signs of damages such as water leakages, abrasions, and tears on the material. It should be noted that damaged material may discharge asbestos fibers most especially if you often pester it by handling and rubbing.

If in doubt, abandon the material immediately and call a professional for an asbestos testing. Toronto asbestos professionals normally take samples of a specific material for a detailed analysis. While sampling can be done at the comfort of your home, it is not recommended by professionals since sampling is hazardous if done incorrectly.

Asbestos Protocols for Homeowners

If you think there may be asbestos in your house, don’t panic and follow these protocols.

  • Keep or limit activities in any areas that have materials which may consist of asbestos.
  • Avoid vacuuming, sweeping or dusting debris that may carry asbestos.
  • Leave undamaged asbestos materials alone.
  • Avoid scraping, sawing or drilling holes in materials that may contain asbestos.
  • Do not use scratching brushes or pads on power strippers to get rid of wax from asbestos flooring.
  • Contact a professional for a major repair or removal. It is optimal that a minor or sampling repair should also be done by Remove Asbestos Canada.

Prior to hiring an asbestos professional, you have to make sure that the evaluation will include an all-inclusive visual inspection and thorough laboratory analysis of samples. In addition, it is also best if you can obtain a written contract from a contractor which indicates the terms and conditions as well as a work plan. Get one today at Remove Asbestos Canada.

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