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Trend watch: Sustainability in Logistics

Whether you’re talking about finding ways to keep business running efficiently or protecting the environment, the concepts of sustainability and “being green” already have a stronger focus in 2021, as we predicted in our trends for 2021 blog. The biggest area we see this follows the long-popular phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Reduction of wasted resources […]

Trend: Agility will become a focus in 2021

In logistics, the ability to get products from point A to point B efficiently is always the goal but in 2021, agility will become even more important. This trend is one of our 2021 logistics predictions that we are discussing in more detail throughout the year. With COVID-19 shutting the world down in 2020, supply […]

Digital supply chains accelerating because of COVID-19

It’s no secret that the global effects of COVID-19 have rocked industries for the last year and the supply chain is one of the most drastically affected industries to date. While many have tried to digitize the supply chain in recent years, many so-called “links” in that chain were still dedicated to using paper for […]

2021 Trend: Growth in AI

When you watch movies about Artificial Intelligence (AI), you likely see a lot of robots and not a lot of humans. It’s a little cold, but efficient. While we foresee AI use increasing in the logistics, supply chain, and transportation industries, we don’t see a room full of machines. AI in our industry is used […]

Reverse logistics ramps up along with e-commerce

It’s no secret that e-commerce has skyrocketed during the pandemic and the recent holiday season but something not many are talking about is how reverse logistics are also burgeoning, creating both headaches and opportunities for online retailers. Reverse logistics is broadly defined as “all operations related to the reuse of products and materials. It is […]

A 2020 Holiday review (and lessons learned)

For most, the Christmas decorations are down, and the new year is in full swing. The retail industry is finally getting an overview of how well the 2020 holiday shopping season went and is examining lessons learned. Initially, experts forecasted much lower sales for the holiday season because of COVID-19 related concerns including tight consumer […]

What’s in store for logistics in 2021?

As you may have read recently, we shared a summary of how our predictions for 2020 shaped up. Today, we want to talk about what we believe will happen throughout various aspects of our industry in 2021. So much can change these predictions—from the pandemic to the new president and anything else in between. These […]

B2E: Is your business prepared for the new supply chain?

As business owners, most of us are familiar with the concepts of having B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) relationships. Whether your target audience is the end consumer or is another business determines how you market, what products you choose, and many other facets of your business. A new supply chain concept […]

Logistics ‘frontline’ in COVID-19 response

When most people think about how the logistics industry is affected by the pandemic, what comes to mind is the drastic increase in online ordering, which has required final mile delivery companies like ours to ramp up hiring and our delivery schedules. Have you ever considered that members of the delivery and courier industry are […]

Demand for ethical supply chains on the rise

We’re not sure exactly when it happened, but over time it seems that the architectural preference in buildings has gone from everything being nice, neat, and covered, to customers being able to see the air vents, the piping, and other building features. It’s even become part of the aesthetic of stores and restaurants across the […]
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