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Meet: Jacob Alcorn

Our Little Rock office is getting increasingly busy, especially with residential deliveries. Part of managing our part of the supply chain is to have someone at the helm handling administrative duties and dispatching our drivers. As of July this year, Jacob Alcorn was that person in our Little Rock office. “I do a little bit […]

Etiquette for last mile and white glove deliveries

On Time Logistics works to make sure deliveries are made as easily and efficiently as possible. Like any industry or service, certain standards of etiquette and behavior are necessary of all parts of the transaction for each entity to experience success. This is true for the growing industry of last mile delivery.  This means everyone—including […]

Meet: Bryan Kizer

Many of our employees and contract couriers come to us with a broad range of work experience and we believe that diversity often helps them in their work with us. Such is the case with Bryan Kizer, who joined On Time Logistics as a delivery driver in April 2019. He works from our Northwest Arkansas […]
Side of school bus with red stop sign arm extended

Back to School safety is for everyone

In Arkansas and Oklahoma, most schools are starting back to class in the next week or two and with that comes increased traffic and potential safety issues. At On Time Logistics, we value safety first whether in the warehouse or on the road so we use our blog to promote school safety at the beginning […]

Meet: Patrick Murray

Those calling in to our Little Rock location have been hearing a new voice since June as Patrick Murray joined our team as dispatcher/scheduler. “I plan (routes) in all of Central Arkansas and work on giving the customers the best customer experience possible,” he said. “I also work closely with all members of On Time […]
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Meet: Susy Garcia

Effective last mile delivery is often like a tag-team race where each team member races to get the bundles from their pickup place to their next destination. One of our team members in this “race” is Maria “Susy” Garcia, who joined On Time Logistics in March 2019. Susy delivers pallets of Amazon merchandise to various […]

Making the most of Amazon Prime Day

It will be like Christmas (and Black Friday) in July for Amazon Prime members as the online retail giant hosts its fifth-annual Amazon Prime Day July 15 and 16. You read that right; Amazon is now making it a two-day event. Last year, Amazon reported that their 2018 was its “biggest day in history” when […]
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Packing tips to protect your deliveries

Even for the seasoned e-commerce shopper, the anticipation of receiving a new package is real. Many people watch the tracking and are usually delighted when their item arrives. Sometimes, however, that anticipation gets marred because the package arrives with damaged contents. In one of our recent blogs, we shared that about 59 percent of returned […]
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