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Meet: Torrance Williams

We have routes to various parts of Northwest Arkansas from our main headquarters in Springdale and we always appreciate having dependable drivers to reach all parts of our region! Torrance Williams joined our team in November 2020 as a driver for the Siloam Springs route. He tells us this is his first job in this […]

Amazon, Walmart battle it out for Prime Day

Amazon’s annual Prime Day, which the online retailer moved to October 13-14 because of COVID-19, may have a bit stiffer competition this year. Last year was the first time Amazon made their Prime Day a two-day event to make it easier on their online ordering system and offer Prime members more time to shop. They’ve […]

The truck driver shortage and how it’s affecting prices

In recent weeks and months,  we have discussed the extensive changes happening in logistics. Increasing E-commerce has led to innovative ideas and rising consumer demands. Although these changes are reshaping logistics, there are consequences, including the shortage of delivery drivers everywhere. This problem has been presenting challenges and despite efforts industry-wide to turn the situation […]

Technology and logistics work hand-in-hand

When you look around at the world today, there is no doubt that technology is an ever present and ever evolving part of life. Technology plays a role in our personal, social, and working environments. Much like every other field, logistics has been influenced by the rise in technology.   Benefits of incorporating technology   […]

Meet: Bennie Cash

Bennie Cash came to On Time Logistics in August with a broad range of work experience. We’re pleased that he’s chosen working in our warehouse and making deliveries for OTL as his next step in life! With his job experience ranging from various jobs in well-known companies such as Walmart and Sam’s Club, to working […]
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