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Client spotlight: Bentonville Public Library

Client spotlight: Bentonville Public Library

Bentonville Public Library


You may have noticed that we enjoy featuring our couriers, truck drivers, and office staff on the On Time Logistics blog. We decided to start featuring more of the OTL family by sharing about our partners and our clients (with their permission, of course).

Today’s client spotlight is the Bentonville Public Library. Since 2015, On Time Logistics has been responsible for transporting library materials between their two library branches.

“Library patrons can return materials to the main branch located in downtown Bentonville, or the mini-branch library located inside the Bentonville Community Center,” a library representative stated. “The library relies on the efficient services provided by On Time Logistics to provide materials for the community in a timely fashion.”

Here’s a bit more information about the BPL: Bentonville Public Library (BPL) promotes imagination, discovery, literacy and education within Benton County. The following services and amenities are available and provided to the community by BPL: a state of the art facility for reading books, watching videos or listening to audiobooks.

Library patrons can check out items from the quality library collections for kids, teens and adults, as well as enjoy reading a newspaper, browsing magazines and enjoying a cup of coffee in BPL’s fireplace room. WIFI, meeting facilities and study rooms also allow students, teachers and business professionals to work on important projects.

Learning is easy with innovative technology available at BPL such as internet computers, eLearning, mobile apps, downloadable media and eBooks. Story times, book clubs, classes, library programs and special events for children, families and adults are popular at BPL too. Just three blocks south of the Bentonville Square, Bentonville Public Library is a Community Library.

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