When Steve Jones created On Time Logistics in 2007, it was entirely focused on courier service. As the economy and business climate changed, the demand shifted from courier service to other types of logistics services, especially last mile delivery.

Ironically, the rise of electronic communications the driving factor in both scenarios. As more people used electronic contract services, the need to courier documents went in sharp decline. Online shopping, however, made last mile delivery service a thriving component for many logistics companies across the country.

A resurgence of courier demand

The tide is changing once again, however. While we do not see last mile delivery slowing down any time soon, we are seeing a noticeable return of demand for courier services, especially in our Northwest Arkansas and Little Rock markets. Research and conversations that we’ve had with counterparts from other parts of the country concur that this is not an anomaly.

In the past, courier services were largely a business-to-business (B2B) industry, but this resurgence is changing that scenario to include a large number of business-to-consumer (B2C) courier deliveries. Couriers are still also vital for medical facilities, especially when working with a network of facilities that need medical samples and records transported quickly.

Three reasons for increased B2C demand

Decreased trust in online interactions

From Facebook’s current debacle with Cambridge Analytica, to a growing number of data breaches involving political parties, credit card companies and major retailers, the trust in online transactions is starting to wane.

On one hand, the problems are leading to enhanced efforts to provide better online security. However, in the meantime, some people are using online portals and other electronic transactions less.

Different items being delivered

As we mentioned previously, much of the resurgence of courier demand has involved B2C orders, usually delivering items purchased at local stores or medical courier orders. Small businesses are also finding ways to use courier services to save their own staff time and, in turn, reducing their overall expenses.

Creating more value

In the everchanging market, companies are looking for ways to improve service. This includes adding white glove service to last mile deliveries and finding ways for their customers to get personalized service. An electronic transaction doesn’t cut it anymore. Couriers allow that personal yet professional touch that helps retailers and other companies stand out. Courier services allow local companies to offer same-day (and sometimes faster) delivery to nearby customers, thus increasing their value as a retailer.

Do you have a need to enhance your customer service with same day delivery? Or are you finding that your business is using employees to run simple errands that a professional courier could save you time and money by making those small deliveries?

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