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Five tips for selecting a delivery service for your business

Five tips for selecting a delivery service for your business


Whether you are looking for a home delivery service for your company’s products, or simply shipping your product out to retail stores, you need a dependable delivery service provider. So what makes a delivery service dependable? Is it their experienced personnel, their promptness, or simply the management of both time and resources? In short, it is all of these qualities.

The following tips are here to help you choose the best delivery service for your business.

Look for experienced personnel

It is important to check and see if the delivery service’s personnel is experienced. Beyond that, it is important to see make sure their personnel members are licensed, certified or otherwise qualified by an outside agency to provide the service you seek. If you are looking for a medical courier service, it is important that the delivery service company is properly certified.

Make sure the service provider requires uniforms

When a stranger is sent to someone’s home or business, they need to be easy to identify. Uniforms present a professional, secure image that is necessary for a delivery service provider.

Research their fleet management efficiency

If a company is excellent at managing their fleet, then it will help you, the customer, save more money. More than simply looking at how the fleet is managed, make sure that the fleet meets your needs. Do they have enough trucks and even the right kind of trucks to accommodate your delivery needs or will they always be scrambling to make sure a vehicle is available?

Compare their delivery options and delivery rates

This tip may seem obvious, but it is also important. When looking for a delivery service, it is essential that you compare prices and variety of services. Are their prices within your budget for a long-term relationship? Does the delivery service provider only offer one type of delivery? Even if their one rate is lower than a competitor, that company is probably not your best choice.

Identify their hours and time efficiency

If a company only delivers during certain hours or only to certain areas, you need to ensure that you know these policies. You should also look into how promptly they make deliveries. We recommend asking for testimonials or references. Whether it is same-day deliveries or weekly deliveries, it is important to know how effective the company is at promptly delivering your products.

On Time Logistics is for you

We, at On Time Logistics, are professional, prompt, and effective. With services ranging from medical courier to warehouse distribution, On Time Logistics will make your deliveries for you. We have trained and certified delivery service providers, and we are committed to serving you and your business. For more information about the services we offer, please contact Tim Ray at or call
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