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Heat is a major obstacle for data centers. If the temperature in the store goes above tolerable levels, the data and equipment are at risk of failure, and this can hurt the bottom line. As the temperature goes up, so does the energy required to cool it down, which translates to higher energy costs. Cooling technologies can help prevent the incidence of high temperatures. But to level up the effectiveness of the cooling technologies, it is an efficient way to help prevent the increase of high temperatures.

However, for you to level up the effectiveness of the cooling devices, you need to pair them with server room temperature monitoring devices. These devices are network-enabled sensors that measure whether the server rooms are running at an ideal temperature.

Why Monitor Server Room Temperature?

Almost every organizations have a server room because and without this; a business cannot work as it is designed to perform. Any organization that has experienced temporary server downtime during work hours will know the number of obstacles it can cause to a business. So, preventing this type of disruption is a great priority, and the conditions of the server system are one major factor to consider.

And this starts with your server room because it is the place you store, power, and run your system and its associated components. One important condition of the server room or data center is the temperature of the room. Server rooms comprise both cool and hot air. Balancing temperature or humidity is important in order to ensure server room uptime. When a server room temperature reaches an excessive level, you run the risk of equipment failure.

According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), the temperature conditions for server rooms should be between 18°C-27°C. Any temperature that is lower or higher may be a major concern as this can lead to system failure. So, setting up a server room monitoring system is important to make sure conditions are in check.

What Server Room Environmental Monitoring Systems Offer

  • Data measurement:these devices display the values measured by the probes, such as temperature and humility.
  • Data collecting:the measurement of the temperature and humidity are stored in the internal and external storage media.
  • Alerts and notifications:when the temperature or humidity exceeds the pre-defined threshold, the server environmental monitoring system will trigger an alert. In some cases, the monitoring systems can also activate an external alarm system like s strobe light or siren.

Environmen are specialists that offer a number of Server monitoring solutions for IT server room monitoring. Our environmental monitoring solutions have stood the test of test and offer IP temperature sensors that are stable and accurate. Our devices have built-in alerts that are connected to the software that allows a seamless connection between you and the devices. When you invest in IT server room monitoring solutions like ours, you can achieve maximum energy efficiency and cost. Contact sales to explore environmental products and monitoring solutions.

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IT Server Room Monitoring

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