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Booklet making Vancouver

Booklet making Vancouver
Apak Systems Inc Provides professional booklet making services in the Vancouver area, superior to their competition. Their company produces booklets using a high-speed, fully automatic, heavy duty stitcher/folder & trimmer with air suction-feed collator. Working as a complete system to streamline the finishing process, their booklet maker processes up to 4,200 professionally finished booklets per hour.
Businesses and corporations of all sizes that rely on Apak’s book making services in Vancouver find that the quality and turnaround for processing booklets is exceptional.
The machine takes uncollated flat sheets sheets, and turns them into a multi page booklets with a stitched spine. Depending on the size of the book that machine will stitch the binding edge with either one or two staples. To ensure an even placement the book is automatically jogged before being stitched. The book is is folded in line after the stitching process before it moves to the face trim. The face trim cut the pages to make sure that the front edge of the book is flat and not cascading to the middle pages of the book; This insures the booklet has a clean professional finish.
Apak’s customers find that their booklet making services in Vancouver are competitively priced and affordable. Multibound booklets are a very cost effective and quick form of binding capable of going as thin as 4 pages and have a finished size of 4″x”5.5″ and as big as 44 pages with a finished size of 8.5″ x 11″.
Today’s emphasis on high quality finishing with a quick turnaround are a priority at Apak. They can also provide this service for both long and short runs.  No order is too small or big for Apak to handle. Please don’t hesitate to contact Apak Systems if you have any questions about Apak’s booklet making process in Vancouver or how to make sure your product is finished just the way you want.
Please visit Apak Systems on the Web by visiting, where you can see their entire line of services, pricing, equipment, supplies and much more. Most of their processes are explained in detail for their customers to better understand each process, and the time and quality that go into making each product.
Apak Systems has been assisting businesses of all sizes with their booklet making needs throughout Vancouver for more than 20 years- and they’ll be happy to help you with your order. To speak with an Apak specialist, call 604-253-3143.
Apak Systems also provides superior bookbinding services for material that is a bit too large for booklet making. Vancouver businesses rely on the skills and expertise of Apak Systems for booklet making and bookbinding, as well as lamination services, die cutting, paper cutting, calendar tinning and much more.
Visit Apak Systems on the World Wide Web at and learn why more Vancouver businesses turn to Apak Systems for their professional booklet making services than any other company in Vancouver.
Booklet making Vancouver

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