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Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX

A hosted PBX, also known as a virtual PBX, is a phone system that is hosted by a third-party and can be accessed over the internet.

It is an advanced phone system that can be utilized for small to large businesses. It provides many features in order to help the business run more smoothly and efficiently such as security, mobility, and scalability.

Hosted PBX systems are considered to be more cost-effective than standard PBX systems because they do not require the purchase of physical hardware. This makes them perfect for small businesses who do not have big budgets.

In a hosted PBX, hardware and software are hosted remotely on a third party’s data center. In other words, it’s essentially a virtual phone system that uses a public internet connection instead of physical lines. This design offers companies limitless scalability along with the simplicity of not having to maintain their own equipment or network connections which can be expensive over time.

The Benefits of Buying A Hosted PBX System For Your Business Instead Of Building One In-House

- With a hosted PBX system, you get all the features of an in-house PBX phone system without the costly upfront capital investment.

- A hosted PBX is a phone system that can be rented out by business owners who want to minimize the financial risk of purchasing their own phone system when they first start out.

- These systems are designed for business owners with smaller budgets, who don't want to spend thousands on a phone system. Instead, they rent it from a service provider and only pay for what they need each day or every month (depending on what's offered).

- A virtual PBX is an even more cost-effective way to purchase the features that you need in your office while avoiding expensive set up and maintenance costs.

- A hosted PBX system is more scalable than an in-house phone system.

- A hosted PBX provides the same functionality as a traditional on-premises PBX phone system.

- If you are using a virtual PBX phone system instead of a physical one, then your office location does not have to be set in stone. This can be very useful for small businesses looking to save on overhead costs.

Disadvantages of Using a Hosted PBX System for Your Small Business?

- Hosted PBX systems can be a costly investment for your small business. They require some upfront fees and a monthly subscription.

- Hosted PBX systems are not always compatible with third-party devices, meaning that you may have to buy specific hardware - such as headsets and smartphones - from their providers.

- The functionality of these devices is typically limited, which can lead to frustrations over your phone system's capabilities in the long term.

Choosing your Hosted PBX Provider

A hosted PBX phone system is an enterprise-grade, on-demand business phone system that has been preconfigured. It is often used by businesses, remote employees and companies with multiple sites.

There are many benefits to using a hosted PBX phone system. It maximizes the usability of the system while also reducing costs and IT support personnel in the process.

The best option for businesses is to use Smart IP because they offer:

1) A simple installation process

2) Team chat services

3) Call reporting

4) Phone system, mobile smartphone and video conferences

And much more!

Give us a call at 905-759-2660 for more information!

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