Residential Delivery

At On Time Logistics, we pride ourselves in being Residential Delivery Specialists. We do more than make sure your purchased items arrive at your door. We offer a myriad of specialty services including white glove and delivery tracking.

Our last-mile delivery services include using technology to track and communicate the freight’s progress. We will communicate with the resident to schedule the delivery at a time they can be available.

Our professional delivery drivers will always be wearing uniforms and have identification. We know how important it is to feel safe when strangers are coming to your home! Depending on what final mile delivery services selected, our drivers will deliver the packages to the door or inside the home.

Does your business offer products that need to be delivered to your customers’ homes? Partnering with a regional logistics company provides professional and efficient delivery services to your customers.

We welcome EDI or API connections to allow for better communication. We use DispatchTrack to track deliveries.