STAT Delivery

Medical Courier Services

Swift and Secure Transport

On Time Logistics specializes in the time-sensitive delivery and transport of biological substances, medical supplies and equipment, medical records and images, and pharmaceuticals. We work closely with any size or type of medical facility including major hospitals and locally-owned clinics.

On Time Logistics courier transporting medical supplies and biological materials in Arkansas

On Time Logistics STAT Delivery

Trained Medical Couriers

Our trained and tested drivers are certified to handle Dangerous Goods and follow HIPAA regulations. The consistent professional appearance of our drivers is a welcome sight for those shipping and receiving these specialized types of deliveries. ALl Medical Couriers are certified for HazMat Category B specimen handling.

Trained medical courier from On Time Logistics ensuring safe delivery in Arkansas

Real-Time Tracking 

On Time Logistics understands how vital it is for medical deliveries to arrive safely and on time so we go the extra mile to communicate with our medical industry customers to make sure that happens every time. We offer Xcelerator portal access to monitor your deliveries, access PODs, payment history, and online ordering

Real-time tracking interface for medical courier services by On Time Logistics

24/7 Availability 

Medical emergencies can arise at any hour. We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year, to address your urgent medical courier needs promptly, ensuring reliable services whenever you require them.

On Time Logistics courier delivering medical supplies round the clock

Why On Time Logistics for Your STAT Delivery? 

Partnering with On Time Logistics for Your supply chain needs comes with big benefits for your operation

Urgent Medical Deliveries

When every minute counts, you need an experienced medical courier. From time-critical medications to essential medical equipment, we prioritize speed and efficiency to meet the urgent needs of healthcare providers and patients.

Lab Specimen Transport

Preserve the integrity of your lab specimens with our specialized handling and temperature-controlled transport. We adhere to strict protocols, ensuring reliable and accurate specimen delivery for timely diagnosis and treatment.

Medical Equipment Transport

Transporting delicate and high-value medical equipment requires expertise. Our trained professionals handle your equipment with utmost care, ensuring secure and timely deliveries to healthcare facilities and practitioners.

Temperature Controlled Solutions

Maintain the integrity of temperature-sensitive items with our specialized vehicles and temperature-controlled packaging. From refrigerated medications to frozen specimens, we ensure proper handling throughout transit.

Compliant & Confidential

We prioritize compliance with all regulatory requirements, ensuring your medical shipments are transported in accordance with healthcare industry standards. Additionally, we maintain strict confidentiality, safeguarding sensitive patient information.

Customized Solutions

We recognize that healthcare facilities have unique logistics requirements. As your dedicated medical courier service, we tailor solutions to fit your specific needs, whether you need regular scheduled deliveries or on-demand transportation for emergencies.