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Our People

Meet Our People

We have a growing team of administration, drivers, warehouse workers, and contract couriers who make the work we do at On Time Logistics possible. We have offices in Northwest Arkansas and Little Rock. If you would like more information about how to join our team, visit the Work with Us page.


Steve Jones - President/CEO

Anne Williams - Performance Director

Bennie Cash, Jr.-CS/Operations Director

Jaime Monsour-Portillo - Residential Scheduler

Frank Edens - Fleet Strategy Manager

Rick Parker - Warehouse Manager (NWA)

Jordan Havens-Operations Assistant/Dispatch

Damien Crow-Dispatch Coordinator (LR)

Chris Lighthall-Residential Director

Robert Mansmith - Scheduling & Dispatch


Heath Woods

Mike Borgerding


Dave Pointer

Eduardo Soto

Francisco Perez

Aaron Baker

Brooke Campbell

Susana Garcia

smiling woman in red shirt

Bryan Kizer

James Crow

Picture of man with red shirt and black hat

Justin Griffith

Justin Rogers

Stephen Moore

Kyla Laning

Brent Cantrell

Torrance Williams

Jeff Hays

James Hopkins

Victor Quintana

Rex Fields

Joseph Garcia

Gustavo Chavez

Rogelio Soto

Jaime Garcia

Luis Gomez

Independent Contract Couriers

Joe Lammey

Linda Gifford

Sam Forrester

Frank Connors

David Thompson

Levertis Clark

Cynthia Laster - Independent Contractor

Avery Campbell

Anthony Chipman

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