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Success in last mile delivery depends on creativity

Success in last mile delivery depends on creativity

In just about any industry, being creative when responding to rapid change is paramount for survival. That seems to be especially true when it comes to logistics, especially last mile delivery.

The logistics industry is growing and changing at a rapid rate, and at the core of this change is last mile delivery. Consumer demands are high and last mile delivery companies are having to be creative to meet expectations such as easy and speedy delivery.

E-commerce is also everchanging and is also the driving factor for last mile delivery seeing such rapid growth. Customers want their product now, meaning delivery companies like On Time Logistics must come up with out-of-the-box ideas to satisfy consumers.

Retailers and logistics providers alike are finding unique ways to get items to the end user faster and better. These techniques include everything from new partnerships to new technologies.

Large companies like Amazon, Etsy, and even the retail chains Macy’s and Bloomingdales, now offer same-day delivery. Google and Uber have designed their own unique ways to make deliveries as efficient as possible. According to this article in Area Development, Some companies such as Starship Technologies have created robots that ease delivery congestion and cost and can finish those last-mile deliveries.

Walmart is one of several retailers who is working on in-housing their own last mile delivery, including offering grocery delivery in some markets. Amazon created Amazon Flex, a business that hires independent contractors to make deliveries in a one-hour window. Walgreens, among other companies, is pairing with innovative startups to meet needs.

The success of last-mile delivery comes from localizing the problem and finding solutions that are closer to consumers. For instance, Amazon has begun opening distribution centers in larger cities like Chicago where the facilities are only miles away from customers.

Another trend is cyclist couriers in big cities. These bicycles can navigate through traffic easier allowing for more mobility and are easier to maintain. Small deliveries can get to the customer within a matter of an hour when the distribution center is close, and the cyclist is not worried about delivery congestion.

Innovation is exciting, but there is always an opportunity for growth.

Area Development says, “In a consumer world expecting next-day or even same-day delivery, more facilities will be required closer to the customer. While automation and robotics have added speed and accuracy to central warehouse operations, human capital and ingenuity still count when it comes to last-mile delivery.”

Because On Time Logistics mainly makes large deliveries like furniture, bike couriers are not an ideal form of last mile delivery. We also have not found it viable or necessary to utilize drones, especially given the continuing concerns about safety.

Our technology and driver efficiency, however, are growing and will only continue to make advances as the need for creativity in the supply chain industry continues.

Our goal at On Time Logistics is to provide excellent customer service and meet the needs of clients and customers while keeping up to date on trends and the everchanging logistics industry. If you are in need of delivery services in the NWA, Tulsa, or Little Rock area, contact us today!

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