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Meet: James Crow

In this month’s team member spotlight, we are featuring a warehouse worker who has a long-term background in various forms of factory work before joining On Time Logistics. James Crow started working with us in July as a temp worker and was hired full-time in September. He works in the warehouse unloading trucks, operating a […]
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Meet: Gary S. Chaudoin

In this month’s team member spotlight, we bring you one couriers who may be new to On Time Logistics but has decades of experience in the trucking industry. Gary S. Chaudoin has driven a truck for 50 years, “coast to coast and border to border.” He joined our team last month as a courier and […]

Meet: Patrick Murray

Those calling in to our Little Rock location have been hearing a new voice since June as Patrick Murray joined our team as dispatcher/scheduler. “I plan (routes) in all of Central Arkansas and work on giving the customers the best customer experience possible,” he said. “I also work closely with all members of On Time […]
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Meet: Susy Garcia

Effective last mile delivery is often like a tag-team race where each team member races to get the bundles from their pickup place to their next destination. One of our team members in this “race” is Maria “Susy” Garcia, who joined On Time Logistics in March 2019. Susy delivers pallets of Amazon merchandise to various […]

Meet: Billy Smith

We at On Time Logistics pride ourselves on having employees and drivers that have a solid work ethic. One such driver is Billy Smith who joined OTL in March of 2017. Billy drives a regular route for OTL for deliveries and tells us he enjoys the challenge that comes with delivering packages on time. He […]

Meet: Jeremy Moore

Jeremy Moore joined On Time Logistics as a driver during April of this year. While he does not have a regular route, Jeremy delivers Amazon and FedEx to a central post office like many of our other drivers. Jeremy tells us he enjoys driving for OTL and talking to the friendly people of the post […]

Meet: Bob Wilson

Bob Wilson has worked for OTL as an independent contract courier since June 2017. He does not have a regular route as he is one of our drivers we rely on for routes that vary week-to-week based on customer need. Bob said that he enjoys his schedule because he can get started early and have […]

Meet: Levertis “Lee” Clark

Levertis “Lee” Clark has served as one of our independent contractors since April 11 of this year. He makes various types of deliveries for our clients. Lee said that one of his favorite parts about On Time Logistics is how family oriented we are because he is family-oriented himself. On his time off, he said […]
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