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Client spotlight:

In this month’s client spotlight, we are featuring one of our largest last mile delivery clients, . Wayfair sells quality home furnishings both through their own website and through companies such as Walmart through the retail giant’s website. While most of our clients have a brick and mortar presence, serves its audience entirely […]

E-commerce and warehousing job growth outpacing retail job growth

E-commerce has drastically changed the job market in the past decade. For the first time, warehousing jobs are growing more rapidly than retail jobs. Whenever an industry goes through changes, so do the jobs. We’ve seen e-commerce drive changes in various industries, but for the first time, we are seeing the growth in warehousing jobs […]

How will the UPS rate increases affect your holiday online shopping?

With the holidays fast approaching, and e-commerce becoming a more dominant gift-outlet, there have been some changes in package delivery. Whether you choose them or not, UPS is a popular shipping company for online businesses. But did you know that this year, the company is adding new surcharges and increasing rates? Here’s what’s going on.

Are your reverse logistics working for or against you?

We often talk about supply chain management and the logistics involved with managing an e-commerce component to your business. It’s equally important to talk about reverse logistics, including the effect that having poorly managed reverse logistics will have on the company bottom line. What is ‘reverse logistics’? First, let’s better define reverse logistics. Reverse logistics […]

E-commerce affecting offline industries

As e-commerce grows, the industry is having a profound effect on multiple industries throughout the supply chain, including those you might not consider part of that process at first glance. In November 2015, we discussed how e-commerce is driving growth in the warehousing and some elements of the logistics industry. But what about other parts […]
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