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New apps providing efficiency and better service at OTL

New apps providing efficiency and better service at OTL

Time, efficiency, and good fleet management are topics that are always important in the logistics industry, but as we as both a company and overall grow, they are of even greater importance.

Often what makes efficiency and fleet management easier is technology. Technology use, especially in the courier delivery industry, is increasing. At On Time Logistics, we recently started using two apps that are already improving efficiency, improving customer service, and even boosting company morale.

Whip-Around is a vehicle inspection app and ZipWhip is a texting service that allows us to better communicate with customers to whom we are making deliveries.  


Whip-Around is an app that allows our drivers to perform a thorough vehicle inspect both before and after each time they use one of our fleet trucks. This has always been required, but with Whip-Around it’s easier, quicker, and more thorough.

Staff members have previously logged their vehicle inspection notes by hand then other staff members logged that information into a computer by hand. This process is time-consuming! With this app, our office staff can easily and quickly enter and update information as it is downloadable from the app dashboard. This frees up their time to focus on other responsibilities that help the company.

Another feature of Whip-Around is that steps can’t be skipped in the inspection process. This means drivers must complete the full report before it is turned in. Drivers are also required to submit a picture of the inside of the vehicle to ensure that all the trash and belongings were cleaned up. This creates accountability for the previous driver and also boosts morale for the incoming driver because they are not having to clean up after their coworker.

We are excited to see the efficiencies in both time and fleet management that Whip-Around will bring!


ZipWhip is a texting service that allows OTL to import all our contacts into the system and send out automated messages related to the customer’s deliveries. They will get a text message when their delivery arrives at the dock. The customer then has the opportunity to schedule a time for delivery and get updates on the progress of their delivery.

On Time Logistics makes an estimated 1,200 deliveries each month and trying to track and communicate with that many customers is often a challenge. With our previous system, each customer had to be contacted via phone. This meant it could take days to get ahold of the customer and schedule a delivery.

At the end of each delivery, an automated text message is sent to the customer and allows them to give feedback on their delivery. This is a simple way for the customer to give positive feedback and helps OTL see where we can improve.

Customers are not required to download the app because the message will go straight to their SMS text messages that are already linked to their phone.  This improves efficiency because the customer can be instantly updated or ask questions. ZipWhip’s autoreply feature also allows for quick conversation and help if needed.

On Time Logistics is working hard to provide our customers with faster and easier service. If you are in the Little Rock, Tulsa, or Northwest Arkansas area, and are in need of a dependable delivery service, contact us today!

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