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Recruitment now and in the future in a low unemployment area

It’s no secret that we are seeing economic growth in Northwest Arkansas, beyond simple post-recession recovery. While employments numbers are at an almost record high, officials are still concerned about the future employment growth. What’s the issue with future employment growth in NWARK? A recent article by Michael Tilley in the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal […]

Client Spotlight: Creative

We’re pleased to feature our client Creative in this week’s blog. Creative is a promotional marketing and recognition company with a 20-year history of providing solutions to help their clients meet their marketing objectives. Their clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as several small businesses. They are based in Fayetteville but provide services to […]

How a logistics provider can help make your Northwest Arkansas interior decorating company a success

If you’ll recall, a few months ago we highlighted how a logistics and warehousing provider can help local interior decorating companies in metropolitan areas. Today, however, we are focusing in on how a logistics and warehousing provider can help the interior decorating companies of Northwest Arkansas. What is interior decorating? A lot of the time, […]

4 Tips for small business to maintain positive customer service in a decreasingly personal business environment.

In a business environment that is increasingly faster-paced and less personal, small businesses are potentially losing a major component of their appeal: customer service. Automated systems are taking the place of one-on-one interaction, which has long been a main attractor to locally owned businesses. At On Time Logistics, we strive to provide not just positive […]
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