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Packing tips to protect your deliveries

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Packing tips to protect your deliveries

Even for the seasoned e-commerce shopper, the anticipation of receiving a new package is real. Many people watch the tracking and are usually delighted when their item arrives. Sometimes, however, that anticipation gets marred because the package arrives with damaged contents.

In one of our recent blogs, we shared that about 59 percent of returned items are rejected because of a faulty product.

As last mile delivery providers in Tulsa, Little Rock, Northwest Arkansas, and surrounding areas, we love being able to deliver packages to awaiting customers. Much of what we deliver are large packages such as furniture, but we also work with the smaller packages, too.

We work hard to be careful with packages that we deliver but the truth is, defects can happen at any point of the supply chain, including even before the item leaves your store or warehouse. Damaged goods that are returned or rejected costs everyone time and money and can damage your reputation.

Here are some ideas that will help reduce the number of returned and rejected deliveries!

Consider what your package goes through

Will your package be exposed to heat? Cold air? Vibration from a truck ride or conveyor belt? Compression? Air pressure changes? Exposure to liquid (including rain)? All of these things can damage your package and the contents inside. Package accordingly to protect the contents.

Don’t skimp on packing materials

We are all concerned about the environment and waste. But there is also something to be said about using enough packing materials. That is, enough of the right packing materials! It is less cost and strain on the environment to use enough of the right packing materials the first time than to pay for return shipping packaging.

Label clearly

Sometimes the biggest reason for packages to get roughly handled is that the labels are hard to find. First, make sure that you label “this side up” as much as possible. Also, put the tracking label and address label near each other at the top so people handling your package along the supply chain aren’t left searching.

Pack according to size

A package that is too big for your item or too small will let it jostle around and potentially cause problems. It’s also important to make sure your boxes are rated to manage the weight that they will be holding.

Consider custom packing boxes

Yes, this will be more costly in the short run but consider this: If you have custom boxes for an odd-shaped item, it can prevent damage, but it can also be a great branding tool. We aren’t saying you’ll be the next Tiffany’s, but an odd-shaped box is more fun for people to share pictures of (with your name on it!) on social media than just a standard box.

Invest in additional services

Investing in insurance and white glove services can better protect your package and also get your money back if something does go wrong.

We can help

At On Time Logistics, we deliver hundreds of packages a week of all shapes and sizes. Our team members are equipped to handle your deliveries safely and on time. Give us a call!

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