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Announcing our Little Rock location!

Announcing our Little Rock location!

We are excited to announce the opening of a new On Time Logistics location in Central Arkansas. Starting in August 2017, operations will begin with a new staff dedicated to offering cost-effective and customizable services that our convenient to our customer.

Our Little Rock location offers many of the same services that we offer in our Springdale location and will focus primarily on last-mile residential deliveries. It provides us with the opportunity to service customers not only in the Little Rock area but across the whole state of Arkansas.

In the coming months, we will offer business-to-business deliveries, both by courier and by truck. These could range from the local delivery of documents and medical specimens to and from clinics and hospitals to scheduled truck deliveries of merchandise to retail locations all across the state.

In anticipation of growth, we are constantly seeking qualified people that we can partner to bring success to this location. If you are interested in working for On Time Logistics in the Little Rock or Springdale markets, please contact Steve Jones or Tim Ray by calling 479-717-2206.