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Logistics and Human Resources in 2020

In the next few months, we will be taking a closer look at each of the trends we predicted for the logistics industry in 2020. When most people think about logistics trends, they think about the rise of e-commerce and the effects on the customers. Today, we’re going to focus on a more behind-the-scenes element […]

Logistics trends to watch in 2020

As we move not only into a new year but a new decade, the world of logistics and transportation is guaranteed to explode with even more growth. Just what that growth looks like and how it will take shape remains to be seen, but we are taking this week’s blog—the final blog of 2019—to share […]
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Damaged or delayed delivery? Here’s what to do

With billions of deliveries made annually, and the number of deliveries rising exponentially year over year, the statistical likelihood that a package will be delayed or damaged upon delivery also rises. What should you, the consignee (customer) do if you ordered something and it arrives with noticeable damage or is delayed? What you should know […]
Delivery truck stuck in snow

How inclement weather impacts last mile

In Arkansas, we’ve already had below-freezing temperatures this season and this year has seen lots of unusual flooding. Weather is amazing but it can also wreak havoc on lives and businesses. For the last mile delivery industry, weather can easily cause time-consuming, costly problems. In Arkansas, we’ve already had below-freezing temperatures this season and this […]

E-commerce and Brick-and-Mortar working together

E-commerce has been all the rage for years as it is convenient and ever-changing to better suit its customers. Brick-and mortar stores have seen tremendous struggles trying to keep up with companies such as Amazon, who have seemed to have taken control over how customers view and purchase products. Although it seems that the two […]
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3PL and Last Mile must work together better

In the world of e-commerce, many pieces of the supply chain must work together to ensure that each piece is successful, and that the end customer is satisfied with their purchase. Communication is key along the entire process, but a positive relationship between the 3PL provider and the last mile delivery providers is vital. 3PL […]
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