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Celebrating success and safety

Celebrating success and safety

Ever since On Time Logistics began, we’ve worked to celebrate success, hard work, and other essential things like safety.

Each year, we host an annual team meeting where we review the previous year’s progress, and we give two awards; one for a courier and one for an employee. This year’s meeting to acknowledge 2020’s work looked quite a bit different than years’ past because of COVID-19, but the camaraderie was still clear! We met via Microsoft Teams last week, which allowed us to keep team members socially distanced while we shared information.

These were the annual awards we announced:

Larry Merle award





Larry Merle was one of the first couriers we ever had at On Time Logistics. Larry was 86 when he started with us, and he continues to live in Fayetteville and is in his 90s. His example of perseverance, hard work, and dedication to our customers is why we named this award after him. We give this every year to the courier that stands out for delivering this kind of consistent service. This year’s winner is Linda Gifford.


Above & Beyond


Above & Beyond Award is our annual award for employees who, as the award name says, go above and beyond their duties to make our company a success. This year’s winner is Frank Edens, our Fleet Strategy Manager.


Safety First

This year’s annual meeting coincided with our monthly safety meeting. We will discuss a different safety-related issue at each meeting in an effort to protect our team members and our customers. Safety is also vital for defraying insurance costs, which are on the rise as e-commerce is putting more delivery trucks on the road.

This month, we talked about distracted driving, including visual distractions, manual distractions, and cognitive distractions. One of the biggest distractions for drivers anywhere, cell phone use while driving, factors in all three forms of distracted driving.

Each monthly safety meeting will also include recognizing a Star Driver of the Month. Each month’s recipient is someone who has shown many high-quality attributes, including timeliness, a positive attitude, efficiency, and exhibiting our core values. The Star Driver for March was Torrance Williams.

We appreciate each of our team members striving to be even safer and to serve our customers to the best of their ability!

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