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2016 brought major changes to the logistics industry

    As we prepare to usher in a new year, it’s only fitting to look at what happened in 2016. We witnessed many evolutions in the logistics and warehousing industry as well as the ripple effect those changes had on the rest of the world.   Here are some of the most noticeable industry […]

Meet: Joel Guerrero

Joel Guerrero joined the On Time Logistics team this July after spending eight years in the buying/sales/trade business in Siloam Springs. Joel’s primary role is driving a box truck, which means he’s responsible for delivering items that have been ordered from or by various large stores. He mostly makes deliveries for Amazon, Burlington Coat Factory, […]

Technology and logistics work hand-in-hand

When you look around at the world today, there is no doubt that technology is an ever present and ever evolving part of life. Technology plays a role in our personal, social, and working environments. Much like every other field, logistics has been influenced by the rise in technology.   Benefits of incorporating technology   […]

Celebrating the #BFF and talking about women in logistics

  This week the world’s spotlight is on Bentonville as the 2nd Annual Bentonville Film Festival is taking place. This festival is much more than giving new and rising film industry people a chance to have their films seen by the public, although that’s a great cause! The BFF’s focus is women and diversity in […]

Client spotlight: Bentonville Public Library

  You may have noticed that we enjoy featuring our couriers, truck drivers, and office staff on the On Time Logistics blog. We decided to start featuring more of the OTL family by sharing about our partners and our clients (with their permission, of course). Today’s client spotlight is the Bentonville Public Library. Since 2015, […]

How logistics makes the holidays better for small business

Having an effective and efficient logistics plan, including warehousing when applicable, is vital to small business success the entire year. For some businesses, having a strong logistics plan is especially important during the holiday season. Last week we talked about how the holidays affect the warehousing and logistics industries. Today, let’s look at how warehousing […]
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