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How interior decorators and designers can benefit from crossdocking services

How interior decorators and designers can benefit from crossdocking services

Whether you’re planning the furnishings and design of a new corporate building or a new home, you are likely to use freight ordering and delivery services of some sort throughout the process. Or, perhaps, you’re the owner of an office building or new subdivision who plans to hire an interior decorator to plan the inside of your new spaces.

Either way, working with a logistics company that offers cross-docking services can make the process more efficient and better managed. If you are an interior decorator, it is wise to partner with a local logistics company that offers cross-docking services and if you are a contractor, you should either have a relationship with a cross-docking provider or hire professionals who already have that relationship.

As we are talking to two different audiences, let’s first make sure we are all on the same proverbial page with terminology.

Interior Design vs Decorator?

Interior designers are scientists in the sense that they understand the science of behavior and how that applies to creating and managing space including walls, floors, and furnishing. A designer often works with architects during the design and construction process.

Designers beautify a space with attractive and functional decorations and furniture. They appeal to emotions and functionality with how they manage the finished space.

Some designers are also decorators, but decorators are usually not designers.

How is cross-docking so helpful?

First, let’s define cross-docking. Basically, it’s removing the proverbial “middleman” in the supply chain. When interior decorators have furniture, decorations, and other equipment to decorate the office, hospital, or home, they must have it shipped from the retailers’ warehouse to a location where it can be stored then delivered to another warehouse from which the delivery drivers pick up the items and deliver them to the final location. This can take lots of time because there is rarely a time when all the items are coming from the same place.

Cross-docking, which is when items are unloaded from one truck and carried directly to the delivery truck, reduces the storage aspect of the supply chain process. Cross-docking also allows for large deliveries to be reduced to several smaller deliveries that usually, can be made at the same time using multiple trucks.

Interior decorators and those who work with them benefit from cross-docking because it makes their deliveries more efficient and often more carefully handled. Also, most delivery companies that also offer cross-docking include white glove services. This makes it so that the interior decorator doesn’t have to hire a separate team to unload the freight and carry it inside. This all-inclusive aspect can save money and reduces the risk of damage to the freight.

Construction of both office and residential spaces is on the rise throughout our coverage area. We offer efficient cross-docking from our Springdale, Arkansas, location. That means you can have your freight delivered to a single, centrally located warehouse that will take it off one truck and immediately load it on the other. Give us a call to discuss how we can work together!


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