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4 Tips for small business to maintain positive customer service in a decreasingly personal business environment.

In a business environment that is increasingly faster-paced and less personal, small businesses are potentially losing a major component of their appeal: customer service. Automated systems are taking the place of one-on-one interaction, which has long been a main attractor to locally owned businesses. At On Time Logistics, we strive to provide not just positive […]

Meet: Joe Lammey

At one point in his career, Joe Lammey and his wife delivered aircraft engines to places all across the United States. In fact, he’s been to all the states. Now that Joe is part of the On Time Logistics family, he still loves but without going to each of the United States! Joe joined us […]

Addressing the supply chain talent gaps

Most of us could not get through a single day without relying on some aspect of the supply chain; whether we realize our dependency or not. Society’s dependence on a successful supply chain makes the fact that there are growing talent gaps across the logistics industry even more problematic. Like any industry, supply chains must […]

LPGA tournament returns to NWA

This week thousands of visitors will be in Northwest Arkansas as they enjoy almost a week of professional women’s golf. You’ve probably already noticed an increase in traffic because of the week’s schedule and we wanted to make sure you knew where the various events were so you can be prepared. For those who are […]

Summer car care tips

  Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, traditional summer is in full swing. We at On Time Logistics manage a fleet of vehicles and know just how important it is to take care of vehicles during the hot summer months. Here are what we consider the top three parts of your car that […]

On Time Logistics tripling warehouse capacity, partnering with Banded for fulfillment

SPRINGDALE, Ark.–A Northwest Arkansas-based logistics company announced a major expansion and partnership Monday that will mean enhanced warehousing and fulfillment capabilities for current and potential customers of both companies involved. On Time Logistics is moving from its approximately 15,000 square foot warehousing space on Emma Avenue to a 48,000 square foot building (40,000 square feet […]
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