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Courier service demand is on the rise; here’s why

  When Steve Jones created On Time Logistics in 2007, it was entirely focused on courier service. As the economy and business climate changed, the demand shifted from courier service to other types of logistics services, especially last mile delivery. Ironically, the rise of electronic communications the driving factor in both scenarios. As more people […]

Why and how small business should attract millennials

The Millennial generation, or adults ranging from 18 to 34, is influencing the economy, and, in turn, how retailers operate. They have become the primary target in advertising and business strategies just as the generations did before when they became adults. According to Forbes, this new generation is the largest in U.S. history and uses […]

4 Post-Thanksgiving retail and community events to have major impact

Thanksgiving is a day of the year many people all around the country eagerly anticipate. Good food, good laughs, and in the four days after, good opportunities. While Black Friday is a fairly well-known tradition, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday are relatively new holidays that residents and small businesses can take advantage […]
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