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Meet: Chris Lighthall

When Chris Lighthall started working for On Time Logistics in early January 2020, little did any of us realize how the pandemic would change the world in just a few short months. Chris has continued to step up to the proverbial plate as our Residential Delivery Director as e-commerce rose to record numbers. Chris works […]

What’s in store for logistics in 2021?

As you may have read recently, we shared a summary of how our predictions for 2020 shaped up. Today, we want to talk about what we believe will happen throughout various aspects of our industry in 2021. So much can change these predictions—from the pandemic to the new president and anything else in between. These […]

Logistics trends to watch in 2020

As we move not only into a new year but a new decade, the world of logistics and transportation is guaranteed to explode with even more growth. Just what that growth looks like and how it will take shape remains to be seen, but we are taking this week’s blog—the final blog of 2019—to share […]
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Damaged or delayed delivery? Here’s what to do

With billions of deliveries made annually, and the number of deliveries rising exponentially year over year, the statistical likelihood that a package will be delayed or damaged upon delivery also rises. What should you, the consignee (customer) do if you ordered something and it arrives with noticeable damage or is delayed? What you should know […]

Etiquette for last mile and white glove deliveries

On Time Logistics works to make sure deliveries are made as easily and efficiently as possible. Like any industry or service, certain standards of etiquette and behavior are necessary of all parts of the transaction for each entity to experience success. This is true for the growing industry of last mile delivery.  This means everyone—including […]

Partner spotlight:

More than 7 million products from more than 7,000 suppliers are available at your fingertips thanks to We’re proud to partner with Wayfair to provide last mile delivery service throughout Northwest Arkansas. Since June of this year, our drivers have delivered a large number of Wayfair products including furniture, home furnishings, and décor and […]
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