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What’s in store for logistics in 2021?

As you may have read recently, we shared a summary of how our predictions for 2020 shaped up. Today, we want to talk about what we believe will happen throughout various aspects of our industry in 2021. So much can change these predictions—from the pandemic to the new president and anything else in between. These […]

Client spotlight: Wonderful Things

This week’s client spotlight features Wonderful Things Interiors, an interior design company based in Little Rock, that offers a wide range of interior design services. Wonderful Things’ services include consulting on renovation and remodeling projects, providing interior decoration for new construction, and also providing customized interior decoration and design services including furnishing and accessories. They […]

Our predictions for 2019 in the logistics industry

On this last day of 2018, we wanted to share our predictions for what we foresee will happen in our industry in the new year. The logistics and warehousing industries are in constant flux, and we see many trends emerging that will drive the industries moving forward. Warehousing space shrinking, becoming more urban It should […]

A mid-year look at the logistics industry

Flexibility and flux seem to be common themes throughout the logistics industry. As the end of second quarter draws to a close, we want to take a few moments to discuss the trends we’re seeing throughout the industry. Instead of talking about each issue individually, we’re going to discuss them as themes that are pervading […]

Meet: Johnathan McKay

With 2018 moving into full swing, Little Rock is proving to be a logistics-friendly market. An employee who will see that environment firsthand is Johnathan C. McKay who joined On Time Logistics in October 2017. John joins us after working different jobs in fast food, landscaping, and warehousing. With OTL, he tells us he enjoys […]

Meet: Tim Swindler (Updated)

Timothy Swindler has been with On Time Logistics since August 2017, when he was hired as Warehouse Manager. In November, he was promoted to Operations Manager.  Tim joins us after a 12-year career as an over-the-road truck driver and warehouse services manager. He’s only been with us for a couple of months and we’re already […]

E-commerce and warehousing job growth outpacing retail job growth

E-commerce has drastically changed the job market in the past decade. For the first time, warehousing jobs are growing more rapidly than retail jobs. Whenever an industry goes through changes, so do the jobs. We’ve seen e-commerce drive changes in various industries, but for the first time, we are seeing the growth in warehousing jobs […]

Meet: Melinda Smith

Melinda Smith has worked for On Time Logistics as an office manager in the Little Rock branch since August 1, 2017. She helped us get our new office location open in Little Rock and now manages its daily operations. Though she has not been on the team long, she tells us she already enjoys working […]
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