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Addressing the supply chain talent gaps

Most of us could not get through a single day without relying on some aspect of the supply chain; whether we realize our dependency or not. Society’s dependence on a successful supply chain makes the fact that there are growing talent gaps across the logistics industry even more problematic. Like any industry, supply chains must […]

A view from the (truck) driver's seat

Our March newsletter featured a great article from our very own Tim Ray, director of operations, about the view of the road for our truck drivers. We liked it so much that we thought we’d share a version of it here. A view from the (truck) driver’s seat Imagine yourself walking through a crowded mall, […]

The value of having a well-managed, shortened supply chain

When most people think of the phrase “short supply chain,” it’s in reference to a food supply chain. It’s an increasingly accepted idea that the closer you are to where your food was grown or produced, the better quality it will be. This is the concept behind many “eat local” and farmers market programs. The […]

E-commerce affecting offline industries

As e-commerce grows, the industry is having a profound effect on multiple industries throughout the supply chain, including those you might not consider part of that process at first glance. In November 2015, we discussed how e-commerce is driving growth in the warehousing and some elements of the logistics industry. But what about other parts […]
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