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OTL Expands to Bethel Heights

OTL Expands to Bethel Heights

It’s an exciting time at On Time Logistics as we move and expand into a new building in the coming weeks, just in time for the holiday rush season.

The new facility will allow for more trucks to process through in a timely manner, making it possible for us to better serve existing customers and to manage expected growth. The new location is also more centrally located between Washington and Benton counties, and is close to I-49 and other local highways.

The new building, located on Apple Blossom Road in Bethel Heights, will have much more capacity than what we have at our current facility in Springdale. We currently have six bays that must be used for both incoming and outgoing freight.

Our new building has five receiving docks and twelve outgoing docks. Our smaller capacity at our existing facility has made warehousing services nearly impossible. We hope that this expansion will allow us to take on more warehousing clients.

Expanding again

We purchased the 40-acre lot in the summer of 2018 and construction on the building was completed in recent weeks. We purchased that size of lot to allow for expansion and growth in the industry that has already made a second new facility a necessity.

We’ve been growing (both at OTL and in the industry) at least 30 percent year-to-year every year for the last several years. We’ve been told to expect a 400 percent increase in last mile delivery by 10 years from now.

In general, the warehousing industry is moving away from large warehouses that serve large geographic areas and creating more, smaller warehouses that serve smaller regions. The increasing demand for same-day, two-day and other expedited delivery services is motivating this change.

When we made our original plans for this new facility, the idea was to move completely from Springdale to Bethel Heights. However, our workload has grown so exponentially, that we now plan to maintain both facilities for now. We will move our entire operations to the new location once a second building is constructed.

Our holiday rush, which has already started and includes our FedEx and Amazon routes, will be operated out of the new facility. Our residential deliveries will continue to flow through our Springdale location Powell St. We continue to operate a facility for courier and last mile delivery service in Little Rock, and we partner with an agent to manage our operations in Tulsa, Oklahoma.\

Staffing the growth

With the holiday rush and our steady growth throughout the year, we are needing more delivery drivers. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Steve Jones at 479-717-2206 or by email at

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