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How to prepare for the 2019 holiday shopping season

How to prepare for the 2019 holiday shopping season

The official first day of Fall has come and gone, and it is time for retailers and consumers alike to start thinking about the holiday shopping season. Christmas lists are emerging, and people are ready to begin their holiday gift shopping. Retailers must start planning months in advance, so they are prepared when the craziness begins.

Logistics Management predicts that total sales will top last years $1.09 trillion, reaching $1.1 trillion between the months of November and January. They also estimate that e-commerce sales will reach over $144 billion, ahead of last year’s sales that brought in $126.4 billion.

On Time Logistics has compiled a few tips to help your retail business prepare for the 2019 holiday season.

Personalize your customers’ experience

Shoppers are looking for ease and accuracy when buying. A great way to ensure your business stands apart from others is to research and learn about your customers, especially their buying habits.

Mike Zhadkevich, director of Monetate said in this article on Digital Commerce, “Retailers need a clear point of view to distinguish themselves from Amazon. There are plenty of areas to own—offer an immersive brand experience, curated content, and a memorable purchase journey. Do everything in your power to make sure consumers are seeing something relevant and exciting.”

This could mean updating your app, posting new creative content to social media, or simply making the buying experience simpler for the customer. It is also important to keep in mind that not everyone buying from your business will be local. Having a simple way for customers who are shopping from afar will help increase your sales.

Incentives/Rewards programs

Having a rewards program in place for returning and new customers will draw business to you.

 Big Commerce describes, “A good rewards program will be easy to use, have membership-only benefits, place higher value on your products, and increase member engagement and interaction. This is a good way to turn one-time holiday shoppers into lifelong customers.”

Think about what incentives or rewards would be valuable to your customers and look for an easy way to implement these rewards.

Hire help where help is needed

E-commerce is changing the game for the upcoming holiday season. In past years, it could be expected that retailers would be hiring in large numbers to ensure they were fully staffed. Due to the constant rise in e-commerce, fewer businesses are hiring in bulk, but instead are shifting their focus to making sure they have a full staff to load and deliver packages.

A good tip for retailers is to make sure you are staffed in the areas where you will need the most help. For example, if you are worried about getting deliveries out on time, make sure your warehouse is fully staffed and trained on how to complete orders.

OTL offers last miles delivery services in the NWA, Little Rock, and Tulsa areas. Contact us if you need a reliable delivery service during this holiday season.

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