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E-commerce and Brick-and-Mortar working together

E-commerce and Brick-and-Mortar working together

E-commerce has been all the rage for years as it is convenient and ever-changing to better suit its customers. Brick-and mortar stores have seen tremendous struggles trying to keep up with companies such as Amazon, who have seemed to have taken control over how customers view and purchase products. Although it seems that the two may work better together.

A growing phenomenon is e-commerce and brick-and-mortar working together to ensure customers are getting the easiest and best service as possible.

Examples of brick & mortar working with e-commerce 


The first example of this has been around for years. Walmart has been allowing customers to buy products online and ship them to the store for free or a reduced price though

Amazon and Kohls

Another example is Amazon partnering with Kohl’s to allow customers to return their products bought through A negative of shopping online is receiving a product that either doesn’t fit or needs to be returned, then having to ship it back to where it was ordered.

 This partnership reduces the time it takes to return what was ordered, which makes ordering from Amazon more appealing. It helps Kohl’s drive in more foot traffic, hopefully increasing its sales. Both businesses can benefit immensely by working together.

Amazon has also partnered with Whole Foods to give Prime members deals when they are shopping at their local grocer. Whole Foods products are also being sold online at and offer exclusive deals for Prime members.

They have options such as Prime Pantry, AmazonFresh and Shop with Alexa that offer access to Whole Foods brand.


Nordstrom is doing something similar in Nordstrom
Local. The New York Times describes, “Nordstrom recently established an urban chain of stores, called Nordstrom
Local, that do not carry any merchandise. The locations, which are about the size of a Lululemon or Dunkin’ Donuts, are mainly hubs for online pickups and returns, and have attracted a younger crowd compared with Nordstrom’s average shoppers.”

How e-commerce and brick-and-mortar can be successful together

Each style of shopping has its positives and negatives. Brick-and-mortar gives that in-person experience that shopping online just cannot offer. It allows customers to see products in person, while being able to try on and return with ease. On the other hand, shopping online allows you to shop anywhere, anytime. So where is the middle ground?

Implementing online features to brick-and-mortar stores will help draw customers in and fulfill that satisfaction that comes from shopping online. Bringing new experiences and deals for customers will keep them coming back.

Businesses that run solely online may think about opening local stores like Nordstrom did, allowing customers to easily return products or even shop certain items in-store.

Whether you’re trying to find ways to get your online orders to your customers or trying to get products to your physical store, you need a trusted logistics provider. We can be that provider in Northwest Arkansas, Little Rock and Tulsa! Give us a call to discuss the possibilities.


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