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4 Post-Thanksgiving retail and community events to have major impact

Thanksgiving is a day of the year many people all around the country eagerly anticipate. Good food, good laughs, and in the four days after, good opportunities. While Black Friday is a fairly well-known tradition, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday are relatively new holidays that residents and small businesses can take advantage […]

Taking a look at unconventional logistics and what it means for Arkansas and Oklahoma

The technology around us is constantly out-doing itself. We’ve all seen reports about unmanned drones, robots being used in warehouses and even in stores like Walmart, and read about the Amazon delivery drones, but have you heard the idea to use automated big-rigs? This unconventional form of logistics is becoming a hot topic of debate, […]

Meet: Brent Davis

Brent Davis has worked for OTL since June 2017 as an independent contract courier. His route schedule varies from week to week, which means Brent often finds himself having to be flexible. We appreciate that quality in our couriers and drivers! Brent is from Northwest Arkansas and has a history of truck driving. In fact, […]

How will the UPS rate increases affect your holiday online shopping?

With the holidays fast approaching, and e-commerce becoming a more dominant gift-outlet, there have been some changes in package delivery. Whether you choose them or not, UPS is a popular shipping company for online businesses. But did you know that this year, the company is adding new surcharges and increasing rates? Here’s what’s going on.

Meet: Jay Sanderson

Jay Sanderson has worked with On Time Logistics since spring of 2017. He drives one of several regular delivery routes in the Northwest Arkansas area. Jay said he enjoys the set hours OTL provides instead of being on call 24/7. With the set schedule, he’s better able to enjoy his hobbies and interests on his […]

Client spotlight: Food Safety Net Services

Last month, we featured the Northwest Arkansas-based Premier Dermatology, which offers skincare options to help keep your skin healthy and glowing. This month, we’re excited to feature client Food Safety Net Services. FSNS provides food testing, safety, and labeling, and is based in Springdale. FSNS offers microbiology testing, chemistry testing, nutritional labeling, access to their […]
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