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What to look for in a final mile logistics provider

What to look for in a final mile logistics provider

Choosing a final mile logistics provider for your business can be tricky and may require some research but is worth the time you put into it. The company you hire to outsource your deliveries to must be reliable and able to meet all your logistics needs.

It is important to find a provider that takes your needs seriously and can safely and efficiently transport your items. So how do you find a last mile logistics provider who is the best fit for your company? Below are some tips and questions to consider in your search.

Ability to meet needs

Assess what services your business needs as this will help you determine what questions you should ask the company during the hiring process. Think about not only your short-term needs but also what you may need to be done in the long-term as your company grows. This is especially true when dealing with e-commerce business that is expected to grow.

You want to ensure that they will be able to complete your needs later on as well. One company may only be able to complete certain tasks while another may be able to do all. Dig deep into what you really need and ask questions accordingly.

Customer service

Your logistics provider should have great customer service, open communication, and effective problem-solving. Is this provider known for good customer service? Are they friendly and helpful? Do they quickly and openly communicate with their customers to solve problems? Do they use technology that you can easily adapt into your system that will make your customers’ experience high quality? Do they offer amenities such as white glove service that your customer will likely want as an add-on service?


Consider how much you can or are willing to spend on a logistics provider. When looking at prices, compare to competitors and see where and why it varies. What services do they offer, are they affordable, and is it worth it are all questions you just ask yourself.


It is crucial that the provider you choose has a good safety record. Research reviews of the company’s safety rating and make sure they are up to date on all regulations. Accidents cost time and money and you want someone that is known for safety on the road and for delivering packages in good condition.

Coverage area

How far is the provider willing and able to transport goods? Does this meet your company’s needs? This is important, especially for On Time Logistics as our key element is the ability to master local home delivery in our delivery area.


Ask them for references and talk to friends and customers and see if they have had any experiences with local logistics providers.

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