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Celebrating our people and success

Two men giving a presentation to a group.

Celebrating our people and success

Two men giving a presentation to a group.

Steve Jones (right) and Chris Lighthall share about company happenings during one of our recent company meetings.


Anyone who has been around On Time Logistics for a while knows we enjoy celebrating our people and also strive to keep them aware of the impact their hard work is having on the company.

One way we accomplish that is to host an annual celebration that recognizes our team members for the work in the previous year and updates them on the state of our company.

We recently hosted our annual meeting and this year was a bit different than we’ve ever had in the past. Instead of one large meeting, we hosted several meetings between our Northwest Arkansas and Little Rock locations. This was the best way to catch as many people as possible and was a clear, visual indicator of our growth.

The growth is also in our numbers. We saw a more than 40 percent year to year growth last year, which means we had the best year ever at On Time Logistics. We firmly believe that the number of packages we deliver will double sooner rather than later, all thanks to the skyrocketing of e-commerce.

Part of our annual meeting is to give two awards: one for our couriers and one for our employees.

Larry Merl award

A clear glass award

Larry Merle was one of the first couriers we ever had at On Time Logistics. Larry was 86 when he started with us and he continues to live in Fayetteville and is in his 90s. His example of perseverance, hard work, and dedication to our customers is why we named this award after him. We give this every year to the courier that stands out for delivering this kind of consistent service. This year’s winner is Jim Cate.

Above & Beyond

The Above & Beyond Award is our annual award for employees who, as the award name says, go above and beyond their duties to make our company a success. This year’s winner is Justin Buckley from our Little Rock office.


As we move further into this year and the new decade, we look forward to adapting our company to growth and to continue being a premier logistics provider in our region. We are beyond grateful for our team that makes that success possible!

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