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Making the most of Amazon Prime Day

It will be like Christmas (and Black Friday) in July for Amazon Prime members as the online retail giant hosts its fifth-annual Amazon Prime Day July 15 and 16. You read that right; Amazon is now making it a two-day event. Last year, Amazon reported that their 2018 was its “biggest day in history” when […]

Why and how small business should attract millennials

The Millennial generation, or adults ranging from 18 to 34, is influencing the economy, and, in turn, how retailers operate. They have become the primary target in advertising and business strategies just as the generations did before when they became adults. According to Forbes, this new generation is the largest in U.S. history and uses […]

OTL celebrates 10 years

SPRINGDALE, Ark.—The Springdale, Ark.-based logistics and warehousing provider On Time Logistics marked their 10th anniversary earlier this month. On Time Logistics was founded in 2007 by Steve Jones and it offers services including warehousing and fulfillment, courier services, medical courier services, white glove service, last-mile courier service, and other on-demand courier and delivery services. OTL […]

How outsourcing your Northwest Arkansas warehousing and fulfillment can defray hidden costs

With a growing number of retailers searching for more and increasingly profitable online solutions, the demand for warehouse space is at an all-time high. What smaller retailers are discovering, however, is that several hidden costs to warehousing hinder their potential profitability. A poorly managed warehousing and fulfillment system is a common pitfall when companies start […]
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