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Courier service demand is on the rise; here’s why

  When Steve Jones created On Time Logistics in 2007, it was entirely focused on courier service. As the economy and business climate changed, the demand shifted from courier service to other types of logistics services, especially last mile delivery. Ironically, the rise of electronic communications the driving factor in both scenarios. As more people […]

Client Spotlight: Benchmark Group

Last month, we featured our client Article, a furniture company that delivers beautifully designed modern furniture. This month we are highlighting Benchmark Group, one of the largest engineering and architecture firms in Arkansas. They offer a myriad of services under three umbrellas: Engineering Architecture Construction Management

Trends in the courier industry via ECA Marketplace

Whether it’s the retail business or the logistics industry, every industry has a network and a need to build relationships. For shippers, carriers, and suppliers, this networking event is called the Express Carriers Association (ECA) Marketplace. We attended the latest event last month and were excited to hear more about the latest trends in our […]

Medical inventory management saves money, possibly lives

Results of a survey released late last month tell what many healthcare providers already know. Improper inventory management is causing problems for patient care. The Cardinal Health survey of surgical staff and hospital supply chain heads shows that the lack of adequate supplies has forced an estimated 40% of respondents to cancel a case whereas 69% […]

Client Spotlight: Article

Last month, we featured our client Arkansas Turf Support, a company that specializes in various areas including turf consultation and sport turf management. This month we wanted to highlight our client Article, which is a furniture company that delivers beautifully designed modern furniture. Article has a wide range of products available, including sofas, chairs, tables, […]
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