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Safety, efficiency retail experience to win this holiday season

Safety, efficiency retail experience to win this holiday season

Retailers will not be surprised that safety and efficiency will be paramount in their customers’ minds this holiday season. After all, since the country started reopening months ago, retailers have been forced to adapt their practices for enhanced safety features due to COVID-19.

It’s clear, however, based on the fact that holiday shipping season is already underway, that Christmas is far from canceled. Each year, we do a preview of the upcoming holiday season and offer a few insights into how retailers can be the most successful. This one will look a little different, but many tips are the same.

Out of store experience

Many people will still want to figure out a way to purchase at your brick and mortar store, but there are also social distancing rules to consider. Consider moving some of your merchandise to a tent in your parking lot that could be a special promotion or beefing up your curbside service options.

Keep your website up

give this advice every year but this year it’s even more important. Make sure you have clear policies, that your server is able to take extra traffic, that you have clear and easily searched product descriptions. Consider combining this recommendation with the one above so people can purchase and pickup at the store.

Have a returns policy in place

Anytime a relative attempts to guess a size or something is purchased online, you are upping the possibility of a return. Consider reviewing your review policy and making returns easy to do and understand. Also outline your disinfecting policy for returned items.

Hold on to traditions where you can

Our hearts were saddened recently when Macy’s announced they weren’t having Santa in their stores for the first time in many, many years. We applaud them for safe measures, but it’s sad nonetheless. Find ways to keep traditions alive or create new fun traditions in your stores and on your social media.

Expand offerings to help save money

People want to give their kids a happy memory for Christmas, despite their potential economic struggles. Find ways to expand your offerings so they can purchase at lower price points. Or, consider features such as layaway or other ways that people can shop on a tighter budget this year.

Market now

Really, what we mean is “communicate now.” Consider this: people need to start shopping now to allow more time to get items ship to them. And, in many cases this year, those items will be wrapped as presents and shipped to family who your customers won’t see this year because of COVID-19. Also, it is important to communicate any pandemic-related information such as safety measures. Find ways to instill joy into the season, even when talking about difficult topics. As we said before, Christmas isn’t canceled!

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