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Shifting the industry to residential delivery specialists

Shifting the industry to residential delivery specialists

The delivery industry has rapidly changed in the last decade, even in the last six months. As technology, consumer demand, and many other factors change, the delivery and logistics industry must be responsive.

A shift in the final mile industry that is rapidly becoming necessary is moving from being “just” a delivery company that gets freight from point A to point B to becoming residential delivery specialists. A residential delivery specialist provides niched, white glove services to residences and small businesses (including small businesses operated out of a home).

Whereas before, drivers would drive large trucks and deliver freight to a centralized location, there is more of a focus on smaller loads, using more trucks, and allowing final mile deliveries to go to a wider radius of locations. Instead of people who live in rural areas having to arrange a special delivery or come into town to pick up their freight, we take it to them.

Residential delivery specialists also provide a wider range of services than simply leaving items at the door or in the garage. That’s true, at least, during non-COVID19 restrictions. Depending on the level of service paid for by the consignee, a residential delivery specialist will deliver a piece of furniture (or other bulky freight) to a specific room and in some cases, unpack and assemble the item.

Residential delivery drivers also have somewhat different employment requirements. They do not need a CDL like full-load drivers do because they drive smaller trucks. But, because they interact more with the customer and enter the customers’ homes, a more professional appearance and customer service skills are a much higher priority.

While the need for logistics companies that specialize in residential deliveries as been rising in recent years, several sources say that residential deliveries have increased between 40 percent and 50 percent over the same time last year due to the pandemic. Fear of going to public places, lack of supplies available in stores, and finding ways to pass the time have led thousands, if not millions, to order much more online than ever before. This has led to a huge uptick in the need for residential deliveries across the countries and fewer deliveries to brick and mortar stores, at least in some cases. In other instances, such as trying to get essential bulk items delivered to stores, the commercial market has also seen an increase.

As we get through this pandemic and whatever the “new normal” is afterwards, we believe that the residential delivery side will continue to rise, if not skyrocket. We already dedicate our entire Powell Street warehouse location in Springdale, Ark. to residential deliveries and will be constructing a second warehouse on our new location on Apple Blossom Road in Bethel Heights as soon as it’s possible.

As more businesses of all sizes offer delivery options, it’s important to choose a last mile delivery provider with experience and the professionalism to get the job done. We have capacity in both the Northwest Arkansas and Central Arkansas markets. We’d love to talk with you about how to partner to improve your business reach.

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